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The table below presents the main data sources used to identify and characterize REDD+ projects and programs in the ID-RECCO database. 

Additional sources of information are mentioned on each project’s page when you browse online. We use multiple data sources to gather and verify information about projects and programs. 

Source Links and Notes
Allied Offsets: New website (post 2018), aggregating data from several carbon certification standards (e.g., ACR, CAR, CDM, VCS, Gold Standard)
APX – VCS Registry: data on carbon transactions, country by country. As of May 2020, the APX VCS Registry access is no longer available. Transactions from APX are now registered on the VERRA registry (Previously:
BioCarbon Fund Initiative for Sustainable Forest Landscapes
Calmel, M.; Martinet, A. & Grondard, N. (2011), ‘REDD+ à l’échelle projet. Guide d’évaluation et de développement.’, Technical report, ONFI (5 case studies)
Carbon Catalog
Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) registry: all registered and pipeline CDM projects, and a small record of carbon transactions
Climate, Community and Biodiversity Alliance (CCBA) database. CCBA is now part of VERRA Previously:
Code REDD: REDD projects
Earth Innovations Institute, CIFOR and Governor’s Climate & Forests Task Force – The state of jurisdictional sustainability: Jurisdictional profile
Forest Carbon Partnership Facility (country-based source of supporting documents for projects/programs identified elsewhere)
Forest Trends – Forest Carbon Portal
Forest Trends – REDD-X :  Tracking Forest Finance
Global Canopy Programme – The REDD country database (Collaborative resource for REDD Readiness). REDD+ readiness activities, notably pilot projects Access to this website is now restricted (
Gold Standard
Institute for Global Environmental Strategy (IGES) – REDD+ database
Lawlor, K.; Madeira, E. M.; Blockhus, J. & Ganz, D. J. (2013), ‘Community Participation and Benefits in REDD+: A Review of Initial Outcomes and Lessons’, Forests 4(2), 296–318
Markit Environmental Registry: data on carbon transaction and -when available- link to project’s PDD. As of May 2020, transactions from VERRA (previously VCS and CCBA) projects are not listed on Markit but on the VERRA  registry ( Transactions from other certification standards are still available on Markit
Plan Vivo (Previously:
Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) database. VCS is now part of VERRA. (Previously
SCS global services (and other verifiers)
Chenost, C.; Gardette, Y.; Demenois, J.; Grondard, N.; Perrier, M. & Wemaere, M. (2010), Bringing forest carbon projects to the market, UNEP
REDD monitor: news

Inactive data sources

(Data sources that was used to identify REDD+ Projects and Programs in 2013, but are no longer active or providing relevant information)

Source Link and Notes (as of Dec 2020)
Voluntary REDD+ Database, by the REDD+ Partnership: Readiness arrangements only, with focus on financial flows Website not anymore dedicated to REDD+ (
Global database on REDD+ and other forest carbon projects, by the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR): 338 projects (including some readiness activities) Website no longer provides project information (
Eco2data (limited access): around 100 projects, mainly AR Website not available anymore (
Forest Carbon Asia: news Not providing info on REDD+ projects/programs. Now focused on Global Sustainability.