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The International Database on REDD+ Projects and Programs: Linking Economics, Carbon and Communities (ID-RECCO), is the largest global data base of REDD+ projects and programs.

It was established in 2014 through a collaborative effort by CIFOR, Climate Economics Chair at Paris-Dauphine University, CIRAD and IFRI at the University of Michigan with a mission to improve knowledge on REDD+ projects and jurisdictional programs by gathering publicly available data into one place. Since 2018, the database has been hosted and maintained by CIFOR-ICRAF.

Beginning with 410 projects across 57 countries in 2014, ID-RECCO has been regularly updated and expanded.

As of October 2022, the ID-RECCO database contains 710 projects of which 359 are active. We also made a separate, more comprehensive table for 29 (active) jurisdictional programs, totaling 739.

Each new project that is added to the ID-RECCO database is characterized across 136 variables for projects and 101 variables for programs including carbon certification status, sources of financing, community-level interventions, and general features of the project.

We hope the database will be particularly useful for researchers who work on REDD+ issues, as well as project proponents, potential investors, civil society organizations and governments.

Notably, ID-RECCO is a work in progress, so any constructive input, suggestions, and corrections are most welcome! Contact us to get involved.

To learn about the methods and data used for the construction of ID-RECCO, please download the following publication by Simonet and Seyller (2015):