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The following people have contributed to the ID-RECCO database; they have led or helped to design the methods of the database, collected and updated data, or maintained the website throughout the years. 

The construction of ID-RECCO database versions 1 and its updates (versions 2 and 3) were led by Gabriela Simonet. ID-RECCO update for version 4 and 5 were led by Stibniati Atmadja. 

All additional contributors are listed by alphabetical order of last name below: 

Arun Agrawal (IFRI), Stibniati Atmadja (CIFOR-ICRAF), Fabrice Bénédet (CIRAD), Marina Cromberg (CIFOR-ICRAF), Philippe Delacote (LEF-CEC), Christian de Perthuis (CEC), Driss Ezzine-de-Blas (CIRAD), Danielle Haggard (IFRI), Nicholas Jansen (IFRI), Alain Karsenty (CIRAD), Wen Liang (IFRI), Albane Morel (INRA), Pete Newton (IFRI), Ana-Maria Sales (IMAG), Coline Seyller (CIRAD), Annisa Satwika (CIFOR/Kyoto University), Brian Schaap (IFRI), Vivi Selviana (CIFOR-ICRAF), Gabriela Simonet (CEC-CIRAD), Martin Susilo (CIFOR-ICRAF), Guillaume Vaillant (INRA), Cristy Watkins (IFRI). 

Photo credits: All rights of reproduction are reserved in France and overseas. CIRAD owns all the photos on the site or has obtained permission from the photographer for their use. We thank Vincent Blanfort, Thierry Brévault, Michel Dulcire, Jean Luc Farinet, Bruno Locatelli, Dominique Louppe and Christophe Maillet for these photos.