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NEW update: Version 5 is here!

We updated the database until October 2022. Please register to download.

In this version we:

  1. Split the dataset into two: Projects and Jurisdictional Programs
  2. Added new variables on carbon accounting methodologies, and an entire table just for Jurisdictional REDD+ programs
  3. Revamped the Community Interventions sheet for Projects table
  4. Characterize projects into 136 variables, and programs into 101 variables

Please join me in welcoming Vania Theresia as a contributor to this Version 5.0. She helped us revamp the Community Interventions table!
Her short bio will come soon in "About> ID-RECCO Team"


Dr. Stibniati Atmadja
ID-RECCO database manager

ID-RECCO is a collaborative work tool: all users are invited to contribute to the improvement of data reliability and data availability. To report an error, mention a new project or provide additional information on a project, please contact us.

Note that the information provided in this database is indicative. This is because we compile information from publicly available information in English. It is therefore possible that there is missing information (e.g., information in languages other than English) or the information available is inaccurate or out of date. Please verify the information found in our database using other sources.

Several REDD+ jurisdictional programs have been included in ID-RECCO based on the collaboration between CIFOR, Earth Innovation Institute and the Governors’ Climate and Forests Task Force (Link: https://earthinnovation.org/programs/state-of-jurisdictional-sustainability/)

Please cite this database as: Atmadja, S.; Komalasari, M.; Alusiola, R.; Barboza, I.; Sartika; L.; Theresia, V.; Simonet; G. 2023. The International Database on REDD+ projects and programs Linking Economics, Carbon and Communities (ID-RECCO) - Project tables, V.5.0. URL: https://www.reddprojectsdatabase.org