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Type of information:



Project/Program proponent:

Name Website Location of headquarters Organization type
Association pour la Gestion de l'Environnement et le Développement (AGED)
Burkina Faso
NGO/private non for profit


Project/Program Partners:

Name Organization type Role Information sources


General Information:

Project ID
Project name Rehabilitation and sustainable management by AGED of degraded pastures in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso
Secondary name
Last Update 21 Sep 2020
Size (hectare) 1181
Start year 2014
End year 2044
Project description The objective of the project “Rehabilitation and sustainable management by AGED of degraded pastures in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso” is to reverse degradation of pastures and foster sustainable land management of the pastures in the Sahel region of Burkina Faso. The project is part of a larger program BKF/017 “Livestock Improvement Project of the Zebu Azawak and sustainable management of pastoral resources” implemented by the Ministry in charge of Animal Resources in Burkina Faso with finance from Lux Dev aiming to rehabilitate a total pasture surface of 7250 hectares. The NGO AGED together with another NGO, REACH Italia, are involved in the implementation of the BKF/017 program. In order to enhance the sustainability of the project’s impact in the longer term at the end of the BKF/017 program, a Plan Vivo project has been formulated for each of the NGO’s REACH Italia and AGED. Both Plan Vivo projects will include the communities with which each NGO collaborated within the framework of the BKF/017 program. Natural rehabilitation of degraded pastures will include working with communities to identify and demarcate community pasture areas and the direct seeding of naturalized tree, shrub and herbaceous species.
Objective 1 biodiversity conservation
Objective 2 social development
Objective 3 ND
Deforestation drivers cattle grazing;energy wood;local livelihoods
Type of forest dry
Project Type ARR
Details for Afforestation/Reforestation projects ecosystem restoration
Project located in an official IUCN protected area yes
Dominant type ARR
Country ID 854
Name of the protected area Réserve sylvo-pastorale et partielle de faune du Sahel
Category of protected area (IUCN classification) 4
Status Ongoing
Multiple location? Yes
Region Africa
Jurisdiction level 1
Jurisdiction level 2
Longitude 9999.999999
Latitude 9999.999999


Forest carbon certification:

Expected anual carbon credits(tCO2eq) 1929
Crediting period 2014-2044
Total expected carbon credits(tCO2eq) 57869
Methodology for carbon standard ND
Type of accounting baseline ND
Standard 1 name Plan vivo
Standard 1 certification status certified
Standard 1 validation date 2017-01-01
Standard 1 documentation #https://mer.markit.com/br-reg/public/project.jsp?project_id=104000000013208#
Standard 1 expiration date
Standard 2 name none
Standard 2 certification status ND
Standard 2 validation date
Standard 2 documentation
Standard 3 name none
Standard 3 certification status ND
Standard 3 validation date
Standard 3 documentation


Carbon credit transactions:

Period of issuance Quantity of credits sold (in tCO2) Buyer's name Type of buyer Buyer's sector Buyer's nationality Buyer's motivation Type of credit market Sources Transaction confirmed on official carbon register (APX or Markit)
Plan vivo annual report: http://www.planvivo.org/docs/AGED_Annual_report_2015-2016.pdf
Not confirmed
European Parliament
Markit https://mer.markit.com/br-reg/public/index.jsp?entity=retirement&standardId=&unitClass=&sort=retirement_date&dir=DESC&name=Rehabilitation%20and%20sustainable%20management%20by%20AGED%20of%20degraded%20pastures%20in%20the%20Sahel%20region%20of%20Burkina%20Faso


Financing Sources:

Name of the funding organization Type of financing Amount (in USD) Financing period Information sources
Lux Dev
International aid/grant
Plan vivo PDD
ND (several buyers)
Sale of carbon credits (future, prepayment, carbon funds)
European Parliament
Sale of carbon credits (future, prepayment, carbon funds)


Community interventions:

Payment to communities? conditional cash payment
Payment details AGED has PES agreements contracts with the participants or villages/CVDs, which are contracts providing the basis for the transaction of climate services, and specifying rights and responsibilities of the parties over the contract period
Economic activities - type tree planting
Information sources Project PDD at Plan Vivo website
Is there tenure clarification?
Is there environmental education?
Is there forest access restriction or control/monitoring of deforestation?
Is there forest enhancement?
Is there community infrastracture improvement?
Is there other community benefits?
Are there non-conditional cash payments?
Are there conditional cash payments?
Are there non-cash benefits?
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