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Project/Program proponent:

Name Website Location of headquarters Organization type
Empresas Públicas de Medellin (EPM)
private for-profit


Project/Program Partners:

Name Organization type Role Information sources
helping in PDD writing


General Information:

Project ID
Project name Empresas Públicas de Medellin REDD+ Project
Secondary name
Last Update 03 Sep 2020
Size (hectare) 5648
Start year 2011
End year 2031
Project description EPM (Empresas Públicas de Medellin) is a very large Colombian utility provider. Its REDD+ project aims to ensure the protection of natural forests (under its ownership) surrounding its Miraflores, Riogrande I Porce II and Porce III hydroelectric project reservoirs (5,648 hectares) in order to achieve the climate change mitigation commitments outlined in its corporate environmental policy. It will accomplish this through the strengthening of the following activities: - Monitoring and surveillance; - Planting of trees - Promotion of reforestation for timber and firewood, silvihorticulture, sustainable agroforestry or silvopasture; - Efficient stove program; - Environmental education program and proposed biological corridor. Part of EPM's objective in inititiating the project is to secure the water supply to its reservoirs by protecting its forests.
Objective 1 climate
Objective 2 biodiversity conservation
Objective 3 social development
Deforestation drivers energy wood;illegal logging;local livelihoods;mining
Type of forest humid
Project Type ARR;IFM;REDD
Details for Afforestation/Reforestation projects agroforestry;plantation
Project located in an official IUCN protected area yes
Dominant type REDD
Country ID 170
Name of the protected area reserva natural La Forzosa; reserva natural de las Aves Arrierito Antioqueño (Lipaugus weber);
Category of protected area (IUCN classification) ND
Status Ongoing
Multiple location? Yes
Region South America
Jurisdiction level 1 Department of Antioquia
Jurisdiction level 2 Municipalities of Amalfi, Guadalupe, and Anori
Longitude -75.225212
Latitude 6.728932


Forest carbon certification:

Expected anual carbon credits(tCO2eq) 5462
Crediting period 2011-2031
Total expected carbon credits(tCO2eq) 109242
Methodology for carbon standard VCS VM0009
Type of accounting baseline ND
Standard 1 name CCB
Standard 1 certification status certified
Standard 1 validation date 2013-12-02
Standard 1 documentation http://www.climate-standards.org/2013/04/05/empresas-publicas-de-medellin-redd-project/#http://www.climate-standards.org/2013/04/05/empresas-publicas-de-medellin-redd-project/#
Standard 1 expiration date
Standard 2 name none
Standard 2 certification status ND
Standard 2 validation date
Standard 2 documentation
Standard 3 name none
Standard 3 certification status ND
Standard 3 validation date
Standard 3 documentation


Carbon credit transactions:

Period of issuance Quantity of credits sold (in tCO2) Buyer's name Type of buyer Buyer's sector Buyer's nationality Buyer's motivation Type of credit market Sources Transaction confirmed on official carbon register (APX or Markit)


Financing Sources:

Name of the funding organization Type of financing Amount (in USD) Financing period Information sources
Equity or own proponent capital
PDD Summary p. 9
Government municipalities
International aid/grant
PDD p. 10


Community interventions:

Payment to communities? no payment
Payment details ND
Economic activities - type agroforestry;fuel efficient stoves;plantation forestry;tree planting
Information sources PDD Summary
Is there tenure clarification?
Is there environmental education?
Is there forest access restriction or control/monitoring of deforestation?
Is there forest enhancement?
Is there community infrastracture improvement?
Is there other community benefits?
Are there non-conditional cash payments?
Are there conditional cash payments?
Are there non-cash benefits?
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