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Project/Program proponent:

Name Website Location of headquarters Organization type
Weyerhaeuser Uruguay ()
private for-profit


Project/Program Partners:

Name Organization type Role Information sources


General Information:

Project ID
Project name “Weyerhaeuser Uruguay” Forest Plantations on degraded grasslands under extensive grazing
Secondary name
Last Update 03 Sep 2020
Size (hectare) 18191
Start year 2006
End year 2106
Project description The project will comprise a total of 18,191 ha of land previously under extensive grazing by beef cattle, on which forest plantations for obtaining high-value, long-lived timber products and for sequestering large amounts of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere will be established. Plantation will be completed by year 7 of project and forests will be replanted after clear-cut harvest. Practices will be compatible with PEFC standard for sustainable forest management.
Objective 1 timber production
Objective 2 climate
Objective 3 biodiversity conservation
Deforestation drivers cattle grazing;industrial agriculture or cattle ranching
Type of forest dry and humid
Project Type ARR
Details for Afforestation/Reforestation projects agroforestry;plantation
Project located in an official IUCN protected area no
Dominant type ARR
Country ID 858
Name of the protected area 9999
Category of protected area (IUCN classification) ND
Status Ongoing
Multiple location? Yes
Region South America
Jurisdiction level 1 Departments : Treinta y Tres and Cerro Largo Departments
Jurisdiction level 2 Multiple locations
Longitude -54.032100
Latitude -32.763300


Forest carbon certification:

Expected anual carbon credits(tCO2eq) 56019
Crediting period 2006-2106
Total expected carbon credits(tCO2eq) 5601938
Methodology for carbon standard AR-ACM0001
Type of accounting baseline Other
Standard 1 name VCS
Standard 1 certification status certified
Standard 1 validation date 2013-01-04
Standard 1 documentation #https://registry.verra.org/mymodule/ProjectDoc/Project_ViewFile.asp?FileID=42599&IDKEY=d097809fdslkjf09rndasfufd098asodfjlkduf09nm23mrn87d58744021#
Standard 1 expiration date
Standard 2 name none
Standard 2 certification status ND
Standard 2 validation date
Standard 2 documentation
Standard 3 name none
Standard 3 certification status ND
Standard 3 validation date
Standard 3 documentation


Carbon credit transactions:

Period of issuance Quantity of credits sold (in tCO2) Buyer's name Type of buyer Buyer's sector Buyer's nationality Buyer's motivation Type of credit market Sources Transaction confirmed on official carbon register (APX or Markit)
VCS Registry https://registry.verra.org/app/search/VCS


Financing Sources:

Name of the funding organization Type of financing Amount (in USD) Financing period Information sources
Weyerhaeuser Uruguay
Equity or own proponent capital
Weyerhaeuser Uruguay
Sale of agricultural, timber or non-timber forest products
Unknown buyers
Sale of carbon credits (future, prepayment, carbon funds)
Weyerhaeuser Uruguay
Sale of agricultural, timber or non-timber forest products
Multiple Buyers
Sale of carbon credits (future, prepayment, carbon funds)
VERRA Registry


Community interventions:

Payment to communities? no payment
Payment details ND
Economic activities - type plantation forestry;tree planting
Information sources PDD; http://www.vcsprojectdatabase.org/#/project_details/960
Is there tenure clarification?
Is there environmental education?
Is there forest access restriction or control/monitoring of deforestation?
Is there forest enhancement?
Is there community infrastracture improvement?
Is there other community benefits?
Are there non-conditional cash payments?
Are there conditional cash payments?
Are there non-cash benefits?
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