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The following table summarizes the changes since version 4.0 was released on 16 of January 2020

 Date  Version  Change
   Start  End  
16 Jan 20213.04.0Database entirely updated
29 Jan 20214.04.1[Table: 1.Project > Var: Project ID = 837] Size (in hectare) updated
[Table: 1.Project> Var: Jurisdiction 1, Jurisdiction 2: blanks filled in
[Table: 2. Carbon Certification> Var: Project ID = 868] Total expected carbon credits(tCO2eq) updated
26 Aug 20224.14.2[Table: 1 > Var: Jurisdiction 1, Jurisdiction 2] Blank jurisdictions filled, naming of jurisdiction more systematized
[Table: 1 > Var: Project ID = 388] Removed, project never realized
4 Dec 20234.25.0Major update: New projects added since 2020 until Oct 2022, new table that separates REDD+ jurisdictional programs from projects, new community intervention table for projects. Merged Project tables: separate Community interventions and carbon certification tables are now merged into one “01_Project” table; Separate Partners and Project Developers table merged into “02_Partners” table.

You can download a summary document of findings from IDRECCO v.4.1 here