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Type of information:

Based on publicly available information



Name (Short name) Website Location of headquarters Status
Carbon2green Developments Ltd (Carbon2Green)
private for-profit


Project Partners:

Name Type Role Comment Source


General Information:

Project name Jatropha Cultivation in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Secondary name
Status Abandoned
Region Africa
Location Kenge, Masi-Manimba and Kikwit cities, Bandundu Province. Coordinates according to PDD
Longitude 18.000000
Latitude -4.600000
Multiple location No
Area (hectares) 14000
Start date 2009
End date 2039
Duration (years) 31
Project description The project will allow the establishment of 187 Jatropha curcas plantations covering an area of 14,000 hectares (ha) of mostly degraded soils. More specifically, the project objectives are: - Sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO2) by the cultivation of Jatropha curcas; - Regeneration of degraded soils and protect them against erosion; - Empowerment of local communities to develop sustainable agro-forestry practices, and - Provision of an alternate livelihood potential for local communities.
Main objective non timber production
Objective 2 biodiversity conservation
Objective 3 social development
Type of forest dry
Deforestation drivers fire;local livelihoods;Natural Disaster
Project Type ARR
Details for Afforestation/Reforestation projects agroforestry;plantation
Dominant type ARR
Project located in an official IUCN protected area no
Name of the protected area 9999
Size of the protected area (hectares) 9999
Proportion of the project located in a protected area 9999
Category of protected area (IUCN classification) ND
Sources http://www.forestcarbonportal.com/project/jatropha-curcas-cultivation-democratic-republic-congo; https://cdm.unfccc.int/Projects/Validation/DB/UEGG4BWST53883VVIWLBMF49E4TOY8/view.html


Carbon Certification:

First standard CDM
First standard certification status withdrawn
First standard validation date
Report for first standard #https://cdm.unfccc.int/Projects/Validation/DB/UEGG4BWST53883VVIWLBMF49E4TOY8/view.html#
Second standard
Second standard certification status
Second standard validation date
Report for second standard
Third standard
Third standard certification status
Third standard validation date
Report for third standard
Crediting period 2009-2038
Expected anual carbon credits(tCO2eq) 107329
Total expected carbon credits(tCO2eq) 3219899
Methodology for carbon standard AR-AM0002
Type of baseline ND
Sources https://cdm.unfccc.int/Projects/Validation/DB/UEGG4BWST53883VVIWLBMF49E4TOY8/view.html


Sale of Carbon Credits:

Transaction confirmed on official carbon register (APX or Markit) Period of issuance Quantity of credits sold (in tCO2) Buyer's name Type of buyer Buyer's sector Buyer's nationality Buyer's motivation Type of credit market Carbon credit price(in USD) Sources


Financing Sources:

Name of the financer Type of financing Amount (in USD) Financing period Sources
Unknown buyers
Sale of agricultural, timber or non-timber forest products
Unknown buyers
Sale of agricultural, timber or non-timber forest products
Sale of carbon credits (future, prepayment, carbon funds)


Socio-economic Characteristics:

Number of inhabitants in the area 187 villages
Social expected benefits - New income from agroforestry practices and cultivation of jatropha; - Jobs (including long-term employment); - Training on sustainable practices; - Each 75 hectares plantation will be managed by local people via individual allotments of 5 ha / villager, in order to allow a maximum number of individuals to benefit from this additional source of income.
Participatory approach mentioned yes
Detail of the participation approach ND
Free Prior and informed Consent mentioned no
Type of payment received conditional cash payment
Detail of the payment ND
Economic activities implemented by the project agroforestry;microenterprise;plantation forestry;tree planting
Detail about economic activities Individual allotments provided to villagers.
Expected employment yes but no data
Indirect investments Education;Other Infrastructure;Roads/building;Supplies
Detail of indirect investments "Long-term employment opportunities for local people responsible for plantation maintenance"
Sources CDM PDD
9999/ND = No data